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Moria 35

35 men who were arrested on Lesvos Island are awaiting their trial on 20th of April 2018. If convicted, they could be sentenced for up to ten years.
“From what I understand, I was only arrested because I am a black man.”
Didier Ndiay, Senegal

Director.            Fridoon Joinda
Producer.          Valeria Haensul
Creator.             Joinda Productions
Nice Lie
Greece 2017/18. While the Greek economy is still recovering from the financial crisis, 60.000 refugees are trapped in the country. They describe their daily challenges in barbed wired camps on the Greek Islands or on the streets of Athens. People who came to Europe seeking safety and a decent life find that “those human rights are no more than a NICE Lie”, as 19-year old Abtin from Iran concludes. So they fight for their rights on the streets, supported by solidarity initiatives and try to move on to central Europe – but many of them are deported back to Greece. Soon the online link will be available.
Director.            Fridoon Joinda
Producer.          Valeria Haensul
Creator.             Joinda Productions


A short documentary about an Iranian refugee, stuck in Lesvos island over 16 months. He prefers to live outside Moria camp but not in the horrible conditions of inside.

 Think about this when you climb into your warm bed at night.


Racism is Not good my friend

After several times facing racism in Lesvos.

Sent to their death
A documentary about two Iranian activist brothers that one of them is in detention inside Moria camp and the other one on hunger strike fighting for their rights.
Director:                    Fridoon Joinda
Producer:                  Valeria


With borrowed cameras and equipment, we made this movie while stuck on Lesvos with thousands of others, waiting for months for the Greek government to hear our stories and allow us to stay in Europe.

Actors.                  Fardin Joinda and Niki Manoledaki​
Camera.                Fridoon Joinda​ and Loys Hä​
Edit.                       Fridoon Joinda
Director.                Jalal Joienda​

One Day

A short documentary made in two days with a cellphone
An image of a refugee’s life in Lesvos
Created during a documentary workshop held by the Office of Displaced Designers in Lesvos

By Fridoon Joinda

I am Not Dangerous
Refugees are HUMAN as you are.
A short video about refugees being stuck for months in Lesvos island without any clear future.

By Fridoon Joinda


A song about refugees made in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2015.
Singer:                        Jalal Joinda
Lyrics:                         Jamil Joinda
Camera & Edit:         Fridoon Joinda


Trough the eyes of a resident of Moria Refugee-Camp.

An Oasis in the middle of a very difficult situation on the Island of Lesvos, where around 4’000 refugees are stuck since up to one year. A Place where people from different nationalities with completely different backgrounds work together to create this place of peace and dignity. A place where everyone can relax, create, overtake responsibilities, enjoy and make friends. A place where everyone is treated equally.

Presenter:                Jalal Joienda

Camera & Edit:      Fridoon joind

A satyric song about politicians of Afghanistan who only care about money and their own family
Location : Kabul, Afghanistan

Singer :      Jalal Joinda

Music :      Afghani

Dam Ba Dam a comedic TV show program in KHurshid TV
Jalal Joinda acting as a old women with Asif Jalali and Ghazal Enait a big nigh and t big show with a lots of fun

Singer:           Jamil joinda
Lyric:             Jamil Joinda
Music:           Zaher Bakhtari

Performance in Khurshid TV at EId night in Ashpaz KHana programi.

Kamar Barik Man

A comedic song about being jobless in Afghanistan

Singer:       Jalal Joinda

Music:       Afgani

Lyrics:      Jalal Joinda

Shab Mahtab

Singer:            Jamil Joinda
music:            Jamil Joinda

New year concert performance in Khurshid TV